May 22, 2020
Research Capacity Building

“Establishment of a multi-user high-performance MALDI ToF/ToF mass at the Molecular Science Research Center”



  • TheMALDI-7090 mass spectrometer will be used to measure the levels of neuropeptides across the chronology of infection, from its  initial stage of  penetration by S mansoni miracidia to the stage of shedding cercariae after approximately 25-30 days.
  • The goal of this project is to use matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization, time-of-flight mass  spectrometry (MALDI-ToF-MS) to investigate the changes in neuropeptide release during the development of alcohol tolerance.
  • Our group uses MALDI-ToF for the simultaneous analysis of mixed glycans released from our ENV protein vaccine candidates. This glycan composition analysis allows for the development of upstream and downstream processes for the large-scale production of ENV Using this methodology, it is possible to evaluate the effect of culture conditions and purification schemes on the glycosylation of ENV.
May 22, 2020
Grants awarded-

•INBRE-COBRE Supplement 2020 – Amaya Miquelajauregui

•R21- NINDS “ Molecular Mechanisms underlying the choise between homeostasis and activity-dependent plasticity at the synapse” Bruno Marie

•R01- NHLBI 2R01HL090933-06, Translation Studies of the Planet Specific Receptor Trem Like Transcript (TLT)- Dr. Valance Washington (NIEF User)

•R21- NHBLI 1R21HL140268, Clinical analysis of Trem-Like Transcript-1 in large cohorts of patients from the NHLBI Biorepository, Dr. Washington (NIEF user)

•C06- Hurricane Research Facilities Restoration Program: Institute of Neurobiology; University of Puerto Rico, Dr. Miller

•S10- 1S10OD025143 (Major Instrumentation Grant) Establishment of a multi-user high-performance MALDI ToF/ToF mass spectrometer in the University of Puerto Rico, Molecular Science Research Center, (Lasalde, Miller, Ghezzi, Washington, Baerga)

•SC3- Dr. Saveba, COBRE Pilot Project, (NIEF user) (Lasalde mentor)

May 22, 2020
Grants submitted (pending)

•R21- NS19991- Tracking #: GRANT1302536 (Demetrio Sierra)

•R21-E5032504 –GRANT13024637 (Demetrio Sierra)- Co-PI Dr. Godoy

•R01- NIGMS MIR-9 Regulation of beta-catenin mediated alcohol tolerance and EtOH consumption- Cristina Velázquez

•R01- NIGMS Effects of Alcohol Molecular Tolerance on Contextual Fear extinction-Cristina Velázquez

•C06- UPR Center for Incubator and Technology Transfer (UPRCITT) 1 C06 OD028326-01 (pending) Lasalde

•Covid-19- “Understanding the cholinergic anti-inflammatory response in the context of SARS Cov-2: Uncovering a potential therapeutic strategy to counteract the cytokine storm in COVID-19” UPR-COVID19-emergency funding -Lasalde

•MIRA -R35 – R35GM134959 “Developing a Resting Membrane Potential (RMP) high-throughput crystallization screening technology (RMP@LMx) for membrane proteins”- Lasalde

February 26, 2020
A4B2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors with reduced or increased nicotine sensitivity and transgenic mouse model for the same)

Caballero Rivera D, Biaggi-Labiosa NM, Avilez-Pagan E, Lasalde-Dominicci JA

U.S. Patent No:  Pending

August 1, 2019

A. Valance Washington

Appl. No.: 16/242,995
Docket: UPR-14230

July 23, 2019
High-throughput crystallographic screening device and method for crystalizing membrane proteins using a sub physiological resting membrane potential across a lipid matrix of variable composition

Lasalde-Dominicci; Jose A., Quesada-Gonzalez; Orestes, Rodriguez-Cordero, Josue, Baez-Pagan; Carlos

U. S. Patent No: 10, 358, 475

October 23, 2018
Supramolecular hacky sacks (SHS), method of synthesis and applications thereof

Rivera JM, Negrón LM

U.S. Patent No: 10,106,572

May 16, 2017
Site-directed RNA editing

Rosenthal JJC, Montiel-González MF

U.S. Patent No: 9,650,627